I’m a New York based Art Director who loves making things.  I believe that design isn’t only about the how it looks but how it works.  I’ve helped companies come up with interactive solutions for 10+ years.  I’ve worked with various agencies such as R/GA, Three Byte Intermedia, Curious Brain, and EuroRSCG. When I need quality time away from my computer, I dabble in paper engineering, enjoy traveling and feeding my inner foodie. Let’s work together!

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    • Karen Ngai, designs with a playful eye
    • Karen Ngai, no relation to the science guy
    • Karen Ngai. New Technology? Let's give it a try
    • Karen Ngai, do or die
    • Karen Ngai likes blueberry pie
    • Karen Ngai, I'll tell you why
    • Karen Ngai, the Dude abides
    • Karen Ngai, what's the password to the wifi?
    • Karen Ngai likes food that is Thai